Family life: Dexter has no real clear memory of his biological family but was exceptionally close (In his own way) with his adoptive family The Morgans.

His family on both sides consist(ed) of:
    Harry Morgan (Adoptive Father)
    Doris Morgan (Adoptive Mother)
    Debra Morgan (Adoptive Sister)
    Joe Driscoll (Biological Father)
    Laura Moser (Biological Mother)
    Brian Moser (Older Biological Brother)

Possible roots of pathology: Dexter and Brian were trapped as children in a storage container located at the docks in Miami for two days. Sitting in a two inch deep bath of blood and surrounded by corpses (One of them was their mother). Her murder was something both brothers witnessed. They suffer irreparable psychological and emotional damage. The decapitation and mutilation of their mothers body seems to lend to Brian's obsession and to Dexter's method of body removal.

Harry realized Dexter had been killing neighborhood animals by discovering a mass grave site.

Learning The Code Of Harry: Throughout Dexter's teenage years Harry was Dexter's mentor. Harry would teach him the code, a set of rules constructed by Harry for Dexter in order for Dexter to control his urges by killing those who only deserved to die.

According to Harry: "It's not about vengeance, not about retaliation, or balancing the books -- it's about something deep inside."

Dexter first started killing small animals when he was a young boy. As he grew into a teenager his urges became stronger. His first kill was a 45 Year old nurse, Mary, also known as the Angel of Death because she was slowly killing her patients with an overdose of Morphine. Mary was Harry's nurse while he was hospitalized for a heart attack. She administered his morphine and attempted to kill him by overdose. Harry realized what was happening and asked Dexter to 'stop her...before she hurt anyone else. Harry gave Dexter permission to use the lessons he was taught.

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How Dexter deals with his urges: The Code of Harry
Psychological motivation(s): To satisfy an inner voice he calls "The Dark Passenger"
Typical victim profile: Violent criminals who Dexter believes have escaped justice.
Psychological aftermath: Because of the things that happened when he was younger, his brain has grouped these thoughts of murder and labeled them with an image of the "dark passenger" inside his brain.

Kill souvenir(s): A medical slide with a small blood sample.

  • Dexter kills his brother, Brian Moser, in the final episode of Season 1, Born Free
  • Dexter kills Santos Jimenez, The man who killed his mother, in Season 2, Episode 8, Morning Comes
  • Dexter discovers that Harry did not die from a heart attack, but committed suicide, and thinks it may be because Harry could not live with himself for making the code and encouraging Dexter to kill after walking into the garage after Dexter had killed Juan Rinez. Season 2, Episode 10, There's something about Harry

  • Taking a blood sample from the victim with a scalpel for his slide collection.
  • Encasing his preferred room in plastic tarp so no evidence is left.
  • Using black plastic trash bags to dispose of victim remains overboard his boat called the slice of life.

  • Rubber sheets
  • Plastic tarp
  • Etorphine hydrochloride or M99
  • Black leather gloves
  • Black plastic trash bags
  • Scalpel
  • Battery-powered mini-saw
  • Hypodermic needles
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Mundial Future Knives
  • Duct Tape
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